Relocatable Granny Flats Made Readily Available To You!

Granny flats are perfect for those you who don’t own a lot of possessions and don’t plan on expanding your family any time soon. If you live on your own, or are trying to, then purchasing a granny flat might be for you. If you already own property and you’re looking to get a home that you can easily move around on it, then come on down to our store today. We have a wide range of transportable granny flats that are ready to be moved onto your property, and ready to move straight into.

Once you purchase one of our great granny flats, we’ll help you move it to your property by sending our granny flat builders to help you out! Or if you’ve already got the land, and you’ve already got the design of your future granny flat planned out, our great builders can help you bring your vision to life by building best cottage in Melbourne. They’ll build your granny flat exactly to your specifications, right down to location and the way the flat is facing, so you won’t have to plan any future renovations so soon after its construction. Instead, you’ll be able to move right in and get started on living your life in privacy.

If you’re used to living on your own and are looking to downgrade in order to save money, or just feel you don’t need all that room, then you should look into purchasing a granny flat. Our great store has tons of movable granny flats available for you to view, and diagrams of others that haven’t been built just yet. Our great employees are always available in store to provide you with any details on specific granny flats, and can give you useful information that will ultimately help you make the finally decision before purchasing your new granny flat. So if you want to purchase a movable granny flat today, or just want to take a look, stop by today and we’ll show you around! All of our granny flats are easily movable, so you won’t have to worry about waiting from weeks to even up to months before your flat is finished.

We sell a wide range of demountable houses to just about any location, so stop looking around for builders or movers and purchase directly from us! All of our granny flats can be built on or moved to your property by our qualified granny flat builders. Don’t bother dealing with providers who aren’t interested in helping you out beyond purchasing your flat, our great store is ready to make sure that once you’ve purchased your new home, you get it exactly how you want it, and where you want it. You won’t have to look for outside help just to get it moved!

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