Core Areas Of Surveying

Core Areas Of Surveying

Companies who are in the business of surveying are also specialists of subdivision services. These organizations work both indoor and outdoor instead of having a desk job which can be boring if the person is not always at it. You always have the option of working in various industries and the demand for these companies is very high almost 95% of students who graduate are able to find jobs. It gives the person access to some of most modern equipment and technology along with it and you can be your own boss you don’t have to work for any person which leaves out most of the stress.

Subdivision services are vein given to the following areas,

• Land

This sector is tremendously diverse each day is different to another. One day you may be working with a local authority and another day with house owners or wit some others on may be windmill scheme etc. or even wildlife conservation.

– Minerals and waste management

A hand on experience is needed by mineral experts especially on areas such as surveying, quarrying, mining, economics, law of mining, geology and the relevant laws. One of the most sensitive sectors which needs good communication skills are the disposal, recycling and waste management.

– Environment

Being experts in all areas of the management, assessment and monitoring of land, construction and buildings these experts work in managing environment, contaminated land, risk management, urban regeneration and town planning areas.

• Property

This sector gives a great opportunity to be involved in every area of purchase, sale, management and development of property.

– Commercial property

The surveyors in this core area is are involved in leasing and management of business properties, negotiation of tenants, landlords and also development of Telco network infrastructure and the valuation of building.

– Residential property

These surveyors can also act as a brokers, agents, auctioneer in a sale, valuation of property both public and private property managing relationships between tenants and landlords and being involved in advising investment development companies.

• Construction

Those sectors also have its own unique subdivisions which occur.

– Quantity surveying and construction

From working on iconic buildings to large sport complexes around the world quantity surveyors have strength on analytical, financial and teamwork skills and most clients trust their work and judgment to confirm the well management of the project.

– Building surveying

From supervising million dollar office complexes to refurbishing ancient buildings they surveyors use their know-how to advice on construction and property projects (commercial, leisure, industrial, residential and retail).

Sub dividing areas is important to our day to day life and signifies a great extent of our global economy.